What to Do When Your Ford’s Brakes are Squealing

When your Ford’s brakes are squealing it is important to address the issue right away. Not only are squealing brakes have the potential to cause an accident as a result of a brake malfunction, but the issue can indicate that there is a larger problem with the brakes. It is important to understand the causes of brake squealing and what actions to take to address it.

The most common causes of brake squealing are worn brake pads, contaminated brake rotors, worn brake rotors, or a blockage of debris preventing the brake pads. Worn brake pads, also known as “glazing” occur when the brake pads have been overused. This can happen when the brake pads are not replaced when needed, or when incorrect brake pads have been installed. Worn brake pads are unable to properly mate with your car’s brake disc, causing a squeal sound.

Contaminated brake rotors occur when foreign particles, such as dirt and brake dust, become stuck on the rotors. This prevents the brake pads from grabbing the disc surface and thus creates a squealing sound. Worn brake rotors occur when the rotors have become glazed due to extended use. This leads to them having insufficient stopping ability, which can then lead to a squealing sound when the brake is applied.

Finally, a blockage of debris, such as stones and mud, can prevent the brake pads from properly grabbing the rotors. This can lead to a squealing sound when the brakes are applied.

Once you have identified the cause of the squealing brakes, it is important to take the necessary steps to address the issue. If the squealing is due to glazed brake pads they need to be replaced. Make sure to replace with the same model of brake pads as the original ones. If the squealing is due to contamination of the brake rotors, they need to be cleaned with brake cleaner. This will remove any foreign particles and dirt and restore their proper function. Worn rotors need to be inspected and replaced if necessary. Finally, if the squealing is due to a foreign blockage, it needs to be removed.

When your Ford’s brakes are squealing, it is important to thoroughly inspect the brakes and understand the cause of the squealing. Understanding the cause of the issue and taking the necessary steps will go a long way in preventing a potentially dangerous accident as well as maintaining the longevity of your Ford’s brake system.

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