Volvo Brakes, Reliability, Performance, and Safety Combined

Volvo has been known for its exceptional focus on safety since the establishment of the automaker in 1927, and its braking technology has always been a key part of that. Through generations of advances, Volvo has also been able to maintain a level of reliability and performance that makes its cars stand above the rest and put customer safety first.

The first step in Volvo’s braking technology is their patented EBS system, which stands for Electronic Brake System. By relying on the car’s airbags, brakes and sensors, the EBS system works to ensure maximum brake performance over a variety of conditions. This makes for smoother and more reliable braking, with increased levels of safety in low traction and wet conditions. This system also allows for closer control of the proportioning of braking power between the front and rear of the car, which improves handling and reduces the risks of slipping during heavy braking.

Volvo is also well known for its commitment to advanced designs and robust trucks and buses. As such, they have developed a number of special brake components specifically designed for use on trucks and buses. This includes anti-lock systems, wear and tear indicators, reserve stroke valves and wear sensors. Many of these components come standard on Volvo vehicles, meaning that drivers can be sure of a reliable and safe braking experience every time.

The Volvo braking system is also well known for its performance. Thanks to the company’s reputation for technological innovation, Volvo consistently ranks among the top braking systems on the market. This includes shorter braking distances and fewer maintenance costs over the life of the car. Further, the combination of EBS and other proprietary Volvo technology allows for truly precise control of braking power, as well as efficient, balanced and responsive stops.

Finally, Volvo aims to ensure safety by offering what it calls Integrated Safety. This involves combining advanced safety systems such as advanced airbags, whiplash protection and pedestrian detection, with the aforementioned braking technology. This all-encompassing system can reduce the force of a crash by up to 75%, meaning that customers have the best chance of avoiding severe injury.

Taking all of this into account, Volvo’s commitment to safety, reliability, performance and safety makes it one of the best options on the market today. Whether customers are looking for a luxurious car, a truck or a bus, they can rest assured that they have the best braking system available, while also having a car that will last them for years to come.

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