Understanding the Different Types of Dodge Brakes

Since it was founded by the Dodge Brothers in 1900, the American automotive manufacturer Dodge has been on the cutting edge of car and truck design. In no area is this more evident than in the brakes of a Dodge vehicle. Today’s Dodge models offer an array of brake types, from conventional drum brakes to modern anti-lock brake systems. Knowing the specifics of these brake types helps Dodge owners keep their vehicles’ brakes working safely and effectively.

Drum brakes are the standard braking system used in many vehicles, including several Dodge models. In a drum brake system, brake shoes press against the inner surface of a metal drum. Friction applied to the drum by the shoes is used to stop the vehicle’s wheels. This type of braking system is highly durable and performs well when correctly maintained. However, it is also prone to excessive wear and discoloration (due to overheating) which must be monitored.

Disc brakes are a more modern technology which first appeared in several Dodge models in the 1970s. As the name suggests, a disc brake works by pressing brake pads against the sides of a metal disc on the vehicle’s wheel. Disc brakes are significantly more reliable and efficient than drum brakes, and typically produce less heat and less noise during braking. On the downside, disc brakes can be more prone to activating unexpectedly during hard turns, although this issue is made less likely by modern anti-lock brake systems (ABS).

ABS systems use sensors and a series of hydraulic valves to control brake pressure during extreme and urgent braking situations. The purpose of ABS is to improve a vehicle’s ability to stop in slippery conditions and during heavy turns, by allowing the brakes of each wheel to individually activate and deactivate during the braking process. Although initially expensive, ABS has since become a standard equipment item on most Dodge vehicles, increasing the safety of modern braking systems.

For Dodge owners, being able to understand the different types of brakes installed on their vehicles is an important safety consideration. From conventional drum brakes to modern anti-lock brake systems, Dodge brakes offer a range of features which allow drivers to control their vehicles safely and securely. Knowing the specifics of these brake features, and taking care to monitor them, provides Dodge owners with the confidence to travel on the roads confidently.

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