Understanding The Advantages of Brake Fluid in Your BMW

Brake fluid is integral to the functioning of the brakes in a BMW. Whether equipped with a manual or an automatic transmission, the correct brake fluid must be applied in order to ensure you can enjoy safe and reliable stops. Equipped with a high boiling point and a strong adhesive force, brake fluid has the added bonus of lubricating and protecting moving parts, too.

To begin with, brake fluid gives a much higher boiling point than the water which is used in a non-water-based brake system. This gives your BMW a greatly increased operating temperature range. With this, it minimizes wear and tear on brake components, while also optimizing braking performance in all climates. Good quality and safe BMW brake fluid also withstands internal heat, providing more stopping power in extreme situations.

In terms of protection and safe operation, brake fluid provides essential lubrication between the brake calipers and pistons. It also helps to keep the braking system sealed, which allows the driver to enjoy consistent stopping power and a smooth brake pedal feel. Also, when the car’s fluid gets too hot, it can literally boil and cause loss of braking power. This can potentially be catastrophic, as brakes are unparalleled when it comes to safety.

Another benefit of having BMW brake fluid is that, unlike other fluids such as oil and antifreeze, this type of fluid does not evaporate quickly. This is due to its particular chemical properties, which increases its durability and helps to promote superior performance and braking reliability. Also, the high boiling point of these type of fluids mean that they remain stable and will not oxidize, which adds to their serviceable life span.

Finally, a major advantage of BMW brake fluid is that it has extremely low viscosity. This means that the braking system is able to perform smoothly and efficiently, with minimal wear. It also allows BMW brake components to move freely, thus providing uniform and reliable performance.

In summary, BMW brake fluid is crucial to maintaining the performance and safety of your car’s brakes. An optimum temperature range, good lubrication and protection, a high boiling point and low viscosity, all contribute to a total braking solution. With the correct brake fluid in place, you can be assured that your car will remain in the very best condition, while providing the ultimate stopping experience – no matter the weather conditions.

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