The Latest Technology Behind Audi Brakes

Audi brakes have been developed over the years with various elements of advanced technology to ensure the safety of passengers, other vehicles and pedestrians. While this technology has advanced over a period of time, it is the latest technologies which are the most interesting.

Audi models that ‘re feature-rich when it comes to braking are equipped with ceramic brakes. These brakes are significantly lighter than the traditional brakes and enable better energy efficiency. On top of that, Audi ceramic brakes boast of superior heat dissipation properties and have superior releasability. Some of the other reasons why ceramic brakes have become such a popular choice are their strength, long wear-life and resistance to corrosion.

The second latest technology that is being used in Audi brakes is wave disc brakes. They use wave-shaped discs which provide short-radius corners that result in superior handling and braking performance. The wave disc brake reduces drag and provides a much smoother ride. On top of that, it reduces the wear and tear on tyres and brakes and increases the overall survival rate.

Another noteworthy technology with Audi brakes is the active-chassis system. This feature is designed to automatically adjust the ride height of the car to suit the road conditions and terrain. It automatically reduces body roll and increases stability and control. When you have the active-chassis system, the car’s handling is constantly monitored and adjusted to suit the speed and any curves or bumps on the road.

One of the latest advancements in Audi brakes is the electro-mechanical brake, giving drivers superior control and performance. This system works on the principle of brakes that are electronically controlled. This means that the driver can adjust the amount of force applied to the brakes instantly. As it is electronically controlled, it responds quickly and accurately to external input, allowing the driver to have full and complete control over the speed of the vehicle.

Finally, Audi brakes are also equipped with Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) for added safety. ABS ensures that the brakes do not lock up when the car is on a slippery or wet road surface. This significantly reduces the chances of skidding and helps ensure the car stops in a safe and controlled manner.

All these features showcase the innovation and technology that is being used in Audi brakes, making them one of the most advanced braking systems available. These features provide Audi drivers with superior handling, better control and a safer ride, making them one of the most sought-after cars in the market.

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