New Peugeot Brake Technology, Adaptive Braking Systems

Peugeot’s Adaptive Braking Systems are innovating the way we drive our vehicles. The latest technology takes the braking process to another level by varying the pressure that is used to stop the car. It works by sensing the speed of the car, the driver’s style, and road conditions. It then adjusts the brake pressure to give an optimal braking performance.

Adaptive Braking Systems calculate the power required to stop your car according to the various factors mentioned before. Adaptive Braking adjusts the pressure and interaction between the brake pads and the rotor to apply the necessary pressure. This prevents the car from skidding, while enabling the brakes to act faster and stop the car more quickly.

The biggest advantage of Adaptive Braking Systems is that they respond faster to urgent situations. The system can detect any sudden braking or decrease in speed and respond within milliseconds. This shorter response time allows you to regain control of the car easily and quickly. This can prevent disastrous situations on roads where there are multiple vehicles to avoid potential collisions.

Every Peugeot model equipped with Adaptive Braking Systems also comes with an Electronic Stability Program (ESP) which works in tandem with the braking system to provide maximum stability and safety in different driving scenarios. The ESP can detect over-steering or under-steering and apply individual brakes on certain wheels to quickly restore control of the car.

For drivers who prefer more control, Peugeot has designed Adaptive Braking Systems with several driving modes. These driving modes, which can be easily adjusted by the driver, allow you to customize your driving experience according to the terrain or road conditions you are in.

Overall, Adaptive Braking Systems make it a much safer and more comfortable driving experience. The improved brakes will react in time to any changes in speed and terrain and will allow you to have more control over your car. This technology is truly revolutionary and no doubt will provide more stable and safer road trips for all.

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