Latest Technology in BMW Brake Flush

High-performance cars require an equal performance from their brakes. Performance-oriented drivers know that the only way to guarantee reliable braking is with a regular brake fluid flush. At BMW, the latest technology and engineering have been employed to provide an optimal brake fluid flush for their cars.

The brake system of a BMW is comprised of a sealed system, composed of multiple interconnected components. Without regular servicing and maintenance, the brake system can build up with contaminants and corrode, resulting in poor braking performance. Brake fluid flushing helps to remove dirt, old brake fluid, and other unwanted contaminants from the system and essentially decontaminates the entire brake system. Therefore, it is recommended that drivers get their BMW’s brakes flushed every two to three years to ensure the best performance and longest lifespan.

At BMW, cutting-edge technology is used to improve their brake flush service. The BMW brake flush includes Innovated, high-pressure Brake Fluid Flush, a state-of-the-art system that flushes out all existing brake fluid. This revolutionary system safely flushes out all existing fluid without creating a vacuum, which is important for preventing prolonged brake pedal softness. The Brake Fluid Flush also uses pressurized, electronically controlled equipment to rapidly rinse and refil the system, ensuring the whole process takes a fraction of the time of a normal brake flush process.

In addition, BMW technicians use DOT approved brake fluids that are specifically designed for BMW vehicles, to ensure maximum performance and reliability. All services are tailored to individual BMW models, with flushing recommended for both manual and dual-clutch transmissions where applicable.

The latest technological advancements in BMW brake flush systems make sure that your BMW’s brakes perform as they should, while also reducing brake fluid maintenance costs and brake system maintenance intervals. So, make sure to keep your BMW up to date with the best brake flush system to ensure maximum reliability and performance.

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