Identifying the Best Aftermarket Brakes for Volvo Models

Volvo models are renowned for their quality and reliable engineering, but many drivers know they can be improved when it comes to upgrading their brakes. Aftermarket brake systems offer increased performance, improved safety and an overall better driving experience. In this article we’ll take a look at the best aftermarket brakes for Volvo models, so you can ensure your car is performing at its peak.

When it comes to Volvo brake upgrades, Goodridge is the go-to choice for drivers. They offer a wide variety of brake systems to fit the specific needs of drivers, including stainless steel braided lines that reduce brake pressure build-up. They’re also the only company that offers brakes specifically designed for Volvo models, making them the best choice for drivers who want to use their cars for spirited driving or for track days.

If you’re looking for something that offers more stopping power than stock brakes, then you should look into Hawk Performance pads. Hawk Performance pads use “ferro-carbon” technology, which gives them a significantly higher friction coefficient than stock brake pads. These pads also last longer than other pads and offer improved braking power in all driving conditions. They’re also fade-resistant, meaning your brakes will remain strong even when pushed to the limit.

Another option for Volvo models is EBC Brakes. EBC rotors are made with a unique combination of materials that offers improved wear and tear resistance, as well as faster stopping power. They’re also designed to handle intense heat and extreme braking conditions. EBC rotors and pads are available in slotted, cross drilled, or directional designs, and they also come with EBC’s unique “Greenstuff” pads that reduce brake dust.

When it comes to aftermarket brake systems, there are no shortage of options for Volvo models. Each brand has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to do your research and find the best system for you. Goodridge, Hawk Performance, and EBC Brakes are some of the top brands for Volvo brake upgrades, so the choice depends on your individual needs. Ultimately, upgrading your brakes allows you to increase your driving performance, improve your overall driving experience, and ensure your Volvo is running at its peak.

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