How to Replace Ford Brake Pads

Replacing your Ford brake pads is an important part of proper automotive maintenance. Over time, brake pads wear down and must be replaced in order to maintain the performance and safety of your vehicle. This can be done quickly and easily with basic tools and some patience.

The first step in replacing Ford brake pads is to open the hood of your car and locate the caliper, the wheel hub and wheel bearing assembly. If you have trouble finding it, consult your owner’s manual for help. Once you have identified these components, use a wrench to loosen, but do not remove, the two bolts that hold the caliper in position.

Next, carefully disconnect the cable from the caliper and remove it. Once the caliper is disconnected, use a c-clamp to compress the brake pads and remove the caliper. This will also release the old, worn-out brake pads.

Remove the old brake pads and inspect the disc rotors. Make sure they are clean and free of any damage. If they need to be replaced, follow the instructions that come with the new rotors. Otherwise, you can reinstall the caliper after cleaning the disc rotors and mating surfaces.

After the caliper and disc rotors have been reinstalled, take the new brake pads and carefully line them up with the caliper. Secure the brake pads in place with the c-clamp, making sure the edges of the pads are aligned with the edges of the caliper. Use a file or sandpaper to make sure the edges of the pads fit snugly against the caliper.

Once the brake pads are secure, carefully slide the caliper over the disc rotors. Reconnect the cable to the caliper, then tighten the bolts securing the caliper. Finally, test the brakes by pressing on the brake pedal. If your brakes respond and the car stops as it should, then the installation was successful.

Replacing the Ford brake pads is an easy procedure that can save you money and give your vehicle improved stopping performance and safety. With the right tools, it’s a simple and straightforward job that anyone can do. Make sure to use only genuine Ford parts to ensure the best possible performance and longevity.

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