Exploring the Different Types of KIA Brakes

Today, there are a wide variety of KIA brakes available for vehicles. Depending on the model, someone might be able to purchase disc brakes, drum brakes, ABS brakes, and more. Each type of brake offers its own advantages, and having a good understanding of the different braking systems can help you understand which type is the best for your KIA vehicle. Here’s an overview of the three most common types of KIA brakes.

Disc Brakes

Disc brakes are what you typically find in most newer KIA vehicles. They consist of two metal rotors, or discs, which fit into wheel hubs. Attached to the wheel are brake pads which press against the disc when braking is activated. This creates friction which brings the car to a stop. Disc brakes tend to offer greater power than other brake types and also work in wet driving conditions. Additionally, they tend to last longer than drum brakes with proper maintenance. Finally, disc brakes are relatively easy to inspect, diagnose, and repair.

Drum Brakes

Drum brakes are the older style of brake seen on KIA vehicles. They consist of a wheel cylinder which is connected to a wheel-mounted brake drum. When the brake is applied, the wheel cylinder pushes a set of shoes outward, against the inside of the drum. This creates friction which stops the wheel from turning. Drum brakes work best when braking is applied in a straight line, as excessive braking pressure in turns can lock the wheel, resulting in a skid.

ABS Brakes

ABS stands for Anti-lock Braking System, and KIA offers ABS brakes on select vehicles. They work by monitoring the wheel speed sensors in each wheel. When the system senses one wheel locks up during heavy braking, it will reduce the pressure at that wheel while increasing pressure on other wheels. This prevents skidding, increasing control and safety.

Overall, disc brakes offer good power and longevity, drum brakes are good for straight line braking, and ABS brakes are best for preventing skidding. Before choosing brakes for your KIA, consider which type of braking system is right for your vehicle and driving needs. With proper maintenance, you should be able to keep your KIA brakes running for a long time.

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