Exploring Renault’s Braking Capabilities

Renault has been a leader in the automotive industry for decades, offering reliable and innovative vehicles for drivers around the world. The French car manufacturer is also known for its excellent braking capabilities, which are designed to ensure maximum safety for the driver and passengers.

The braking system of a Renault car is comprised of a few main components: brake pads, brake discs, brake caliper, and brake rotors. The brake pads are made of semi-metallic or organic material, and their thickness is determined by the type of brake pad chosen. The brake discs, which are also known as rotors, are attached to the wheel hub and spin with the wheel, creating friction which helps to slow down the car when the brakes are applied. The brake caliper is also mounted on the wheel hub and contains two pistons which press the brake pads against the rotor, creating friction and thereby slowing the car down.

Renault vehicles use a two or four-channel ABS system. ABS stands for Anti-lock Braking System. This system monitors the speed at which the vehicle is travelling and works to ensure that the car does not suffer from wheel lock-up, or skidding, if the brakes are applied too harshly or if the road surface is slippery. To ensure maximum safety, Renault vehicles also feature EBD, or Electronic Brake Distribution, which automatically adjusts the braking power to the front and rear brakes, giving the car a balanced braking system.

Renault has also developed its own unique braking system, known as Renault+CBS (Cornering Brake Control). This system senses changes in the cornering force needed and automatically increases braking pressure accordingly. This ensures that the car maintains a balanced braking system, no matter the speed or the road conditions.

Safety is a top priority for Renault, which is why all of its vehicles are equipped with advanced braking systems and technologies. From its ever reliable 3-channel ABS to its innovative Cornering Brake Control, Renault is committed to providing drivers with safe, reliable and efficient braking capabilities.

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