Enhancing Safety with Anti-Lock Brakes on a Renault

Nowadays, car modifiers are continuously on the lookout for new and improved ways to enhance the safety of their vehicle. Renault engineers have met the challenge, and have come up with the development of Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS) for their vehicles.

ABS is a safety system that prevents the wheels of a car from becoming completely locked when the brakes are applied suddenly. By maintaining control over the wheels during braking, it makes driving a car more secure and minimizes the risk of skidding and losing control of a car.

Before the invention of ABS, drivers had to rely on the ‘threshold braking method’ during emergency situations. This method involved the driver pressing and releasing the brakes constantly, allowing the wheels to keep spinning and to take control of the car. With ABS, the driver does not need to press and release the brakes. The computer controlled braking system in the car takes care of everything.

ABS is designed to work efficiently in both wet and dry conditions. ABS is beneficial in wet conditions as it reduces the chances of skidding or sliding on the wet roads. In dry conditions, the system also reduces chances of skidding when the brakes are applied suddenly.

When the ABS sensors in a car detect that the car is approaching a hard stop, they send hydraulic pressure signals to the brake calipers. This creates a pulsation in the brake pedal, signaling the driver that the ABS brakes have been activated. This pulsation alerts the driver that the brakes are being used to the fullest extent and that the car is entering a full stop. During this process, the system will release and press the brakes in such a way that a steady and safe stop can be achieved.

In some models of Renault cars equipped with ABS, the system also comes with electronic stability control- a safety feature that reduces the chances of a rollover. With the electronic stability control, computer controlled brakes can be applied to individual wheels to bring stability back to the car.

All in all, ABS brakes are a great safety feature that can be very beneficial in keeping a car safe on the road. Renault has put great effort in to providing the best possible braking system for its vehicles and with the installation of ABS brakes, driving has become safer, smoother and more secure.

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