Comparing Traditional Flat Iveco Brakes to Disks

Flat Iveco brake systems have been used for decades to bring vehicles to a safe and timely stop. These brakes consist of brake pads which are applied against the inside of a rotating drum-shaped housing. Although traditional flat brakes do brakes the job, they do not perform as well as disk brakes, in terms of stopping power, heat management, and safety features.

Traditional flat brakes generate friction with brake pads which press against the inside of the drum. The friction generated by this contact is what helps reduce the vehicle’s speed. However, this design does not provide for an even wear on the pads, which can lead to “hot spots” and vibration. Hot spots are parts of the pad which become significantly more worn than the rest. Over time, this wear can cause the brakes to become less effective. Additionally, pads may move slightly within the drum when the brakes are applied; which also decreases their stopping power. The vibration that may be felt while braking can be discomforting to the driver and passengers.

In comparison, disk brakes generate friction through brake pads which are pressed against the outside of a rotor. The even force of the contact and the consistent friction generate a higher braking performance. This improved stopping power allows the vehicle to stop with greater control. Disk brakes also reduce the risk of “hot spots” forming as the heat generated from braking is spread more evenly throughout the rotor. This heat management is further enhanced by the inclusion of air vents near the rotor which help to disperse heat.

Disk brakes also provide more safety features, such as emergency and antilock brakes, than traditional flat brakes, which generally only offer emergency braking. These disk brake incorporated technologies can help the driver maintain more control over the vehicle when emergency braking is required.

Overall, disk brakes provide a more reliable, efficient and safe braking system than traditional flat brakes. Vehicle owners should take into consideration the advantages of disk brakes when looking to replace their existing brake system. Make sure to ask your local mechanic or ASE technician for more information on the benefits of switching to disk brakes.

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