Comparing Dacia Brakes Systems

Dacia brakes are among the leading braking systems available today and are found in vehicles across the world. From commercial vans to luxury sports cars, the company’s reliable and efficient braking systems provide consistent performance and safety.

First introduced in the early 1970s, Dacia brakes have quickly gained a reputation for being the highest quality brakes on the market. In fact, the company is the only manufacturer to offer the patented ‘feet-on’ brake pedal. This innovative feature helps to provide a smooth and consistent pedal feel, enabling drivers to brake with confidence and control.

Dacia brakes are available in a variety of styles, each designed to work with specific types of vehicles. The company offers both disc and drum brakes, as well as ABS, EBD, and ESP, depending on the type of vehicle. These systems are designed from the ground up to ensure optimal performance, durability, and safety.

The company’s patented ‘feet-on’ brake pedal system is designed with a dual piston design that is specifically engineered to work with the latest vehicle stability controlling systems. This unique design helps to provide better performance in difficult braking situations, allowing the driver to stay in control on a slippery road surface or in emergency braking situations.

Dacia brakes are built to last, and have an industry-leading average lifespan of 45,000 miles. To ensure that customers get a long-lasting product, the company follows a strict build process to ensure the highest standards of quality are met. From the initial testing stages to final assembly, Dacia’s brakes are subjected to rigorous testing and scrutiny to ensure their continued performance.

In addition to their range of brakes, Dacia also provides a wide variety of spare parts and accessories designed to fit their brake systems. This helps customers to maximize the performance of their brakes and ensure maximum safety.

Dacia’s commitment to quality, safety, and performance is what sets them apart from other braking systems companies. Their patented brake pedal system and extensive lineup of reliable accessories are just a few of the many reasons why Dacia brakes are the preferred choice for many drivers.

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