Choosing the Right Brake Fluid for Hyundai Brakes

The brakes in your Hyundai are, without doubt, one of the most important safety features on the car. So when it comes to choosing the right brake fluid for them, making the right choice is essential.

Brake fluid is designed to absorb moisture, prevent corrosion and help ensure that the brakes function properly. And Hydraulic brake systems all use a very specific type of fluid – DOT-3 or DOT-4 brake fluid. These differ in terms of the boiling point of the fluid, as higher boiling points lead to better brake performance and more efficient braking, especially in hot weather.

Before choosing a brake fluid, it is important to check with the manufacturer’s recommendations and the guidelines of the specific brake system. Use of low-grade brake fluid can have negative safety consequences and may invalidate any warranties.

Hyundai brakes use DOT-3 brake fluid, which has a minimum dry boiling point of 205°C and a minimum wet boiling point of 140°C. It is important that this specific type of brake fluid is used in order to maintain the warranty and get the best performance from the brakes. DOT-4 brake fluid is not compatible with Hyundai brakes and must not be used.

In addition to using the correct type of brake fluid, you should also consider regularly replacing your brake fluid. Old or contaminated brake fluid can cause rust, leading to poor performance or brake failure. The fluid should be replaced approximately every 2 years, or depending on the specific car model, it may be necessary to do it more frequently.

When replacing the brake fluid, it is important to remove all the old fluid from the system by bleeding the system. This is followed by refilling the system with the right type of brake fluid. The manufacturer’s instructions should be followed to get this right.

In conclusion, it is essential to choose the right brake fluid for your Hyundai brakes and replace the brake fluid regularly. Not doing so could result in serious issues with the brakes and can put the driver at risk. It is always best to use a quality brake fluid that is specific to your Hyundai, and to always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when servicing the brakes.

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