An Overview of Ferrari’s Brembo-Bosch Braking System

Ferrari and Brembo-Bosch have teamed up to create a ground-breaking new braking system. This advanced system is designed to provide the ultimate performance and driver control when slowing down the vehicle. The combination of Brembo’s high-performance brake calipers, Bosch’s Electronic Stability Program (ESP) and Ferrari’s engine software is a potent package that offers the driver an almost complete control over the brakes.

At the heart of the system is the Brembo calipers. These feature an innovative twin-piston design that allows for maximum stopping power and precision. The pressure is evenly distributed throughout the calipers ensuring the brakes respond quickly and powerfully to the actions of the driver. Also included is a ‘brake force limitation’ system which prevents an excessive amount of braking force from being applied.

The Bosch ESP system has been specifically designed for this application and works in harmony with the Brembo calipers. It monitors driver input and modulates brake pressure according to the speed, direction and other driving parameters, providing the driver with an optimum level of control.

In order to further enhance the braking performance, Ferrari have included their engine software. This computes the force, direction and speed at which the brakes are applied, allowing for a more precise and accurate response to the driver’s input. This also helps to protect the car’s drivetrain and transmission systems, providing maximum performance when needed.

Overall, this unique combination of technologies sets a new standard in braking performance, delivering power, precision and control. The Brembo-Bosch system also promises to be reliable and durable, giving Ferrari owners the confidence and assurance that their vehicles will always stop safely, no matter how hard their brakes are worked.

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