Ace Up Your Sleeve, Nissan’s Braking Technology

Nissan’s advanced braking technology is proving to be an ace up their sleeve as they create some of the safest models on the market. This leading tech includes Adaptive Cruise Control, Smart Rearview Mirror, and a range of other driver assistance technologies.

Nissan’s Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) is an innovative technology that helps improve control, responsiveness and safety when driving. The ACC’s advanced processor is capable of detecting other cars around it and adjusting the speed accordingly, maintaining a pre-set distance between the vehicles at all times. Even if the car ahead reduces their speed unexpectedly, the ACC will automatically adjust the speed to maintain the safe interval. The ACC also allows the user to set a “memory cruise”, where the car will remember the previous cruise speed and automatically reduce it when traffic requires.

The Smart Rearview Mirror is a feature that enhances the driver’s visibility. This system includes two cameras mounted on the side mirrors that feed wide-angle video images to an LCD monitor located at the base of the rearview mirror. This monitor automatically switches on when the car enters reverse, giving the driver an increased field of view that would otherwise be hindered by rear headrests and objects in the backseat.

In addition to the ACC and the Smart Rearview Mirror, Nissan also utilizes a host of other assistance systems. These include Moving Object Detection, Lane Departure Warning, Blind Spot Monitoring, Rear Cross Traffic Alert and Blind Spot Intervention, just to name a few. All of these technologies help the driver to become more aware of their surroundings and to drive more safely, which is Nissan’s goal.

Nissan’s advanced braking technology is further enhanced thanks to their innovative Brake Assist system. This system was designed to detect sudden stops and apply the brakes accordingly. In other words, it helps to reduce the braking time needed for a safe stop. The system also takes into account the weather and the road conditions, and adjusts the stopping power necessary to bring the car to a safe and swift stop.

Nissan’s advanced braking technology puts driver safety first, and is just one of the many ways in which they strive to design their vehicles with the latest cutting-edge safety and convenience technologies. With everything from Adaptive Cruise Control and Smart Rearview Mirror to Brake Assist and a range of other driver assistance systems, Nissan is constantly working to make the roads safer for everyone.

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